A large proportion of Absolute Discovery’s core business consists of Legal, Litigation and Dispute Resolution. We provide our Legal clients with a wide range of print scanning and document services.


In the financial industries data and document security is of utmost importance. All documents within this sector are regarded as extremely sensitive and needs to be treated as such. Without the necessary infrastructure and compliance data and documents might be at risk.

Construction & Engineering

Construction and engineering brings unique challenges to document services. Even though the quantities of documents may be similar the types of documents create extremely large quantities of data. This is because a large proportion of documents are large CAD drawings and photographs.


Small and medium businesses struggle with most of the same document service problems that larger enterprises do. However they often lack the resources to effectively manage these issues themselves, Absolute Discovery will assist SME’s in managing their documents. Our team will assist in scanning archives, hosting data and even assisting firms to become VAT compliant.