Document Scanning

Document Scanning

Absolute Discovery has extensive experience delivering scanning services. Working closely with our clients, we tailor each project specifically to ensure their needs and deadlines are met.

If your organization is loaded with filing cabinets overflowing with paper and you are unable to find the information you require easily, then you need our document scanning service to get you back on track. As everyone’s requirements are different we aim to make our scanning process as simple and flexible as possible.

We can provide an easy and efficient way to store and retrieve your documents whilst reducing costs and releasing office space for more profitable use. We will come to your office and discuss the best possible solution for you.

Our dedicated team, working with high-end equipment and software, are capable of scanning any condition or size of documents, producing them into multiple formats to suit your review needs.

All documents and scans are monitored throughout the processes, from de-stapling and unbinding through to exact reconstruction and thorough image checking for quality assurance before return to the client.

Delivery of scanned documents can be made on encrypted external media, uploaded to a secure ftp site or loaded directly into your online review tool. Load files for all the leading document management and litigation support software are produced by our team. Additionally, we provide secure cloud storage for archived data, allowing highly-scalable, low-cost secure storage, with simple online access.